Safer Drivers Course

July 1, 2013 will see the roll out begin of the NSW Safer Drivers Course for Learner Drivers. This course is broken into 2 sections, 1 classroom based and 1 in car. Participation in the course will credit the learner driver with 20 hours in their log book and will cost the same for all learner drivers around the state with the remainder of the course subsidised by the State Government.

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The current 3 for 1 scheme will remain in place. this scheme allows driving instructors to accredit 3 hours in a learners log book for every 1 hour spent with them, up to the first 10 hours. By taking advantage of this scheme and participating in the safer drivers course, learner drivers may spend as little as 80 hours actual driving.

The aim of the course is to result in behavioural change and lower risk driving from young drivers, along with reducing the load on families struggling to attain 120 hours behind the wheel.

New Speed Limits

As of July 1, 2013, NSW Learner Drivers will be allowed to travel at up to 90kph. This is an increase from the 80kph they have been restricted to previously and has been changed in an effort to bring us closer in line with the rest of the country.

This change will mean the change from L’s to P’s will be less dramatic with a novice driver able to experience the speed P plate drivers are allowed to travel at whilst still being supervised. It also tomes down some of the “buzz” a new driver may experience when driving at a higher speed for the first time, as they will have been able to do it while still a learner.

The NSW Driver Trainers Association would still like to see this speed for learners increase further up to 100kph to again bring it closer to other states and territories, and will continue to lobby the NSW Government to make this change in the future.

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New Working With Children Checks

As of June 15, 2013, the New working with children checks will come into effect. As self employed people who have direct contact with minors in an unsupervised environment, we are required to have these checks in place.

For those that have a current certificate, you are able to continue using those until they are up for renewal. However upon renewing, you will need to have the new check performed. For those without a current certificate, you must get one ASAP and don’t wait for the June implementation.

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