How a Project Manager Can Keep Track of Their Information Sharing

If you have heard about the NDIS plan manager, you probably have some misconceptions about what this stands for. Most commonly, these misconceptions relate to NDIIS being an acronym for National Data Information Integration System. Although this may be true, another NDIIS is used in the context of the overall NDIS plan management process. In other words, NDIIS is the management framework needed for participants of a plan to reach their goals.

In the larger scheme of things, NDIIS is simply the framework and management system required to manage the planning meetings that occur between project teams. In this way, NDIIS planning meets are known as “self-dealing” sessions. Therefore, it is very important for the manager of a project to ensure that they have a good way of managing the sessions themselves. In essence, the manager must ensure that all participants understand that they are free to bring other team members to the planning meeting, provided that those team members also agree to the management plan. If any participant decides against this, the manager must work with that individual to smooth out any misunderstandings.

ndis-plan-managerThe main purpose of an NDIS plan manager is to keep track of all of the information that needs to be collected and consolidated for the planning meeting. This includes information such as budget data, schedule data, project documentation, financial data, and so forth. In most cases, each of these categories would be supported by its project software program. However, sometimes certain applications cannot manage one or more categories, requiring the manager to find a third-party provider to support them. Fortunately, NDIIS is quite easy to learn since most businesses’ core planning software often supports it.

In terms of ensuring that NDIIS works as desired, a few other things must be kept in mind for a manager to be as effective as possible. Most managers could create an online portal that the team can use to get any information that they need. By making sure that the portal is simple and easy to use and has all the necessary features to allow a manager to run it effectively, the manager will be able to collect and organize all the needed data quickly and efficiently. Having a portal also allows the manager to make it easier for other people to access the needed information so that there is less paperwork involved.

In addition, since the NDIIS process is centralised, all the financial expertise needed by the stakeholders will be located in one place, rather than requiring each of them to go to a different location. In a traditional project, that would be not easy to manage because of the geographic spread. However, since NDIIS allows its participants to collaborate across different platforms, the infrastructure required to support it can be minimal. Therefore, NDIS plan manager will have more time to meet with all the stakeholders, gather the necessary information, and implement the best possible solution for each case.