Latest Innovations In Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries by certified knee replacement surgeons Adelaide around the world. As technology has developed, so have the techniques used to perform this procedure. There are now more advanced and effective ways of doing surgery on the knee than before. This article will give you an idea of some of the latest innovations in knee replacement surgery. You might even find something new and improve your operation.

One of the latest knee replacement surgery innovations is to replace the hip joint instead of cutting out part of it. The hip is a ballast that keeps the femur from moving. If you lose the ballast, your knee will eventually get weaker, causing problems walking, kneeling and running. The thighbone is protected from the degeneration that may happen over time by replacing the chip with a metal hip socket instead of using the hip as ballast. This preserves the strength of the thighbone and allows it to move independently.

knee-replacement-surgeons-adelaideAnother advancement in hip replacement surgery is not to use large incisions to release the kneecap. The old method of doing hip replacement surgery involved large, complicated incisions. The release of the kneecap via these large cuts was only possible through a very large incision. This required that the surgeon cut through the top of the thighbone to get to the kneecap. Now instead, the surgeon uses smaller, more manageable tools to make the cuts.

Many medical procedures can be done by knee replacement surgeons Adelaide. One of the most common medical interventions is arthroscopic knee surgery. When the doctor inserts a small metal instrument called an arthroscope inside the knee to see deeper into the joint. This is used to see the bone structure and the muscles of the knee. This is a highly successful method of correcting knee problems and often involves no invasive procedure at all.

Other types of medical interventions include things such as gout removal and cartilage grafts. These are often done after hip and knee replacement surgery. They are all forms of non-invasive procedures that do not require the release of any muscles or ligaments. They all make the patient feel better and prevent the future development of any problems with their knee.

If you are looking for knee replacement surgeons Adelaide to perform hip and knee replacements, you will need to qualify to do so fully. He should be board certified. This will ensure that he knows exactly what he is doing and can provide you with the best possible care. You want to be sure to find the best person for the job who will treat you with respect and care. Visit