Regional General Meetings

Starting this July, we are holding general meetings for our members, run by the members. We are trialing this to start with in Maitland, with the aim of rolling them out in all areas of the state. If you are interested in attending the Maitland event, please check out the flyer below.

27TH JULY 2017

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Changes to Graduated Licencing

Recently the NSW Government announced changes to the Graduated Licencing System (GLS) in NSW. In a bid to continue reducing the crash rates of young drivers on our roads, several key changes are being bought in over the next 18 months. The NSW Driver Trainers Association will continue to talk with Transport for NSW to make sure these changes are well publicized and their implementation is as smooth as possible.

For details of these changes, please read the fact sheet in the link below.

160722 – Fact Sheet – GLS changes

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Public Comments on Revised Driving Instructors Regulations

Late last year Transport for NSW (TfNSW) approached key stakeholders in the driver training industry to seek input into the scheduled revision of the Driving Instructors Regulations. The NSW Driver Trainers Association provided feedback on some amendments and additions it thought necessary. The attachment below outlines the feedback from us and the responses back from TfNSW.

Now that a draft has been drawn up, TfNSW has opened it up for public consultation. They would like your input into the regulations that all driving instructors in NSW are bound by. So this is your chance to have your say. Follow the link below for full details including the draft regulations, the regulatory impact statement and the feedback form. Closing date for submissions is 5pm June 17th.

Feedback Form – DI Reg – NSW DTA – Anthony Cope – DVP comments to NSW DTA

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2016 Regional Workshops

We have some dates coming up for some regional workshops in the next month or so. We would love to see all the locals there, so please come along and also tell other instructors you know about the event. These are a great opportunity to network and discuss issues you may have been experiencing, as well as be part of some worthwhile sessions involving areas of interest for you and your business.
Like last year, these events are free for members, but we require a $30 deposit, made by direct deposit, at least one week prior to the event. That deposit will be refunded to you if you attend. If you’re a no show, you will forfeit your deposit. Non-members are welcome to join us, and will also need to pay the $30; however that will not be refunded for non-members.
payable to ‘NSW Driver Trainers Association Inc’ should be made by –
DIRECT DEPOSIT/TRANSFER to St George Bank 112 879 a/c 429 731 615
If you are interested in attending, please pay the deposit and send an email to to let us know you’re coming. RSVP cut off is one week prior to the event.
Coffs Harbour
Date: 18/5/2016
Time: 9.30am – 3pm
Venue: Opal Cove Resort. Opal Boulevarde, Coffs Harbour

Port Macquarie
Date: 19/5/2016
Time: 9.30am – 3pm
Venue: Mercure Centro. 103 William Street, Port Macquarie

Date: 20/5/2016
Time: 9.30am – 3pm
Venue: The Village Walk. 121 Lawes Street, East Maitland.

Date: 30/5/2016
Time: 9.30am – 3pm
Venue: Quest Albury. 550 Kiewa Street, Albury

Date: 10/6/2016
Time: 9.30am – 3pm
Venue: Orange PCYC. 2 Seymour Street, Orange

Dates for the South coast and Sydney metro will be announced very soon.

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Digital Log Books being considered

NSW Roads Minister has announced he is considering introducing digital log books for Learner drivers. For more details, check out the media release below.




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P-Plater restriction changes from 1 Aug

Changes from 1 August 2014 will make it easier for P-Platers.  The current vehicle restrictions have been reviewed and the changes reflect modern technology use of forced induction for economy not necessarily performance.

More information will be posted as it comes to hand, but in the meantime this RMS link gives a good overview.

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lane-filtering from 1 july

Motorcyclists will now legally be able to lane-filter in certain situations.  It is important for all motorists to keep abreast of Rules changes.  For more information follow this link:

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safer driver course

Safer Drivers Course

The Safer Drivers Course for Learner Drivers was launched by Roads and Maritime Services in July 2013 and was initially delivered by 14 approved companies (service providers) in most regions around the state. In January 2014, 8 new providers came on board to expand the range of course delivery and improve accessibility to young learner drivers in NSW.

The course was designed to give young learner drivers a better understanding of the behavioral factors that can lead to a crash, and to build on their strengths with regard to how they can be in better control of their risk levels. Completion of the course will give the learner driver a credit of 20 hours in their log book.

So far feedback from attendees has been fantastic and take up of the course has grown. The cost to attend is $140 and is the same regardless of company delivering the as it is subsidized by the State Government. For further information on this initiative, please go to:

The NSW Driver Trainers Association has a partnership agreement with the PCYC to supply instructors to deliver the in car sessions of the course. This is a great partnership as it allows for a high level of professionalism across the board and with the widest spread across the state. To view details of courses being run by the PCYC, go to:


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new learner speed restrictions

New Speed Limits

NSW Learner Drivers are now allowed to travel at up to 90kph. This is an increase from the 80kph they have been restricted to previously and has been changed in an effort to bring us closer in line with the rest of the country.

This change means the transition from L’s to P’s will be less dramatic with a novice driver able to experience the speed P plate drivers are allowed to travel at whilst still being supervised. It also tones down some of the “buzz” a new driver may experience when driving at a higher speed for the first time, as they will have been able to do it while still a learner.

The NSW Driver Trainers Association would still like to see this speed for learners increase further up to 100kph to again bring it closer to other states and territories, and will continue to lobby the NSW Government to make this change in the future.

More info at:

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working with children

New Working With Children Checks

As of June 15, 2013, the New working with children checks will come into effect. As self employed people who have direct contact with minors in an unsupervised environment, we are required to have these checks in place.

For those that have a current certificate, you are able to continue using those until they are up for renewal. However upon renewing, you will need to have the new check performed. For those without a current certificate, you must get one ASAP and don’t wait for the June implementation.

For further information, go to:

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