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As the name suggests, Womens Boots is a type of footwear that has both high and low heel. The high heel ones are generally used in sports such as soccer, while the low heel ones are more popularly worn as work shoes. Both the styles have their advantages. However, the pull on and women can wear lace-up boots with a wide variety of different heights. This feature is one reason why women’s boots are so comfortable to wear, even for those with large feet or abnormal body proportions.

The history of Womens Boots goes back to the first appearance of the “American Cabin” in the 1960s. These were to pull on or lace-up boots with high heels and did not have laces on the top of the boots. Since that time, the styles have been altered and adapted based on the current fashion trends. However, even the pull on and lace-up boots were updated slightly when designers started making them in calf-length boots.

womens-bootsToday’s fashion boots come in many different styles, designs and colours. Some of the most popular among women include knee-length boots, calf-length, and ankle-length. Knee-length boots are worn mostly on cold, rainy days. Calf-length ones can be worn with skirts or pants. Ankle-length boots, on the other hand, are popular with men. They are perfect for casual occasions and are mostly used for winter sports.

Besides being popular for their functional purpose, women’s boots are also popular for their fashion quotient. Women’s over-the-knee boots look good with any outfit because they are versatile. You can wear them along with a short skirt, a long skirt, a mini dress, a long gown and a pair of shorts, etc. A typical over-the-knee boot can go perfectly with jeans, trousers, leggings, shorts, skirts and even with a formal dress.

On the other hand, ankle boots are designed to match with skinny jeans, baggy jeans, capri pants, boot-cut jeans, and straight skirts. Ankle boots look stylish and trendy if worn with short skirts and low plunging necklines. On the other hand, ankle-length boots are better worn with dresses or gowns with full-length, long sleeves.

The designs and patterns of the Womens Boots available today have changed considerably over the years. For example, the classic knee-length style is made popular again by designers due to its contemporary styling. Moreover, today’s fashion boots are made from leather, suede or other waterproof materials to ensure durability.