Weighted Blankets – A Great Way To Help You Get a Full Night’s Rest

Weighted blankets Melbourne are increasingly common, as studies show, “Weighted blankets may promote sleep by reducing stress and reducing the duration of naps,” adds Rutter. When people are less stressed, their bodies are more relaxed, resulting in better overall health. And since a warm, comforting blanket can help ease the symptoms of insomnia, it could be particularly beneficial to patients who have chronic fatigue syndrome.

weighted blankets MelbourneIn clinical studies, individuals with sleep disorders have reported significant improvements in sleep quality when wearing a weighted blanket. “If the patient sleeps in the same bed with the weighted blanket on throughout the day, they may feel less disoriented during the day than if they had not worn it,” says Rutter. In addition, she says, the blanket may prevent pain in the legs, hips, or abdomen during the night, a common problem for those who have chronic fatigue syndrome. It may also ease neck or shoulder aches associated with stress and anxiety and may even reduce the effects of depression, which affects sleep quality.

“Sweaty blankets provide excellent insulation from the heat of the body and the coldness of the outside environment,” notes Rutter. “A well-chosen blanket can help regulate body temperature, while also providing additional protection from outside elements.” Some blankets are specifically designed to provide added comfort for individuals who are overweight or obese. For example, weighted blankets Melbourne can provide additional warmth and extra softness and body cushion. In contrast, a lightweight polyester wool blanket will help keep a person cool in hot weather.

Weighted blankets Melbourne are often used in conjunction with pillows to help support the neck and head, providing additional support. As Rutter points out, “when your head rolls back, your head will sink into your neck; on the other hand, if your head is supported, it will provide additional comfort and support to your head.” Furthermore, if a person sleeps on their side, they may find that their hips and lower back become less sensitive. “Being able to sleep without bending over can reduce pressure on the lower back muscles, which can lead to pain and fatigue.”

The best choice of weight-bearing blanket is one that provides a customized fit. “You may be surprised at how different your body shape is when wearing a different size of the blanket,” notes Rutter. A well-fitted blanket can be a great way to provide additional support for the shoulders, hips, and spine and avoid tossing and turning in bed while sleeping.