TENS Machine Pain Relief: What is It?

A TENS machine is a medical device that delivers alternating current via electrodes to provide relief from pain. It can deliver both active and passive electric fields that directly penetrate the tissue into the nerves for real relief. Many people have benefited from using a Zoe-Tech TENS machine, and now various brands provide this treatment system. So what is it?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation applies direct electrical current to the nervous system to stimulate the tissues for pain relief. In the past, TENS machines were used for deep pain and needed to be medically supervised. Now we have options for low-level therapy for minor discomfort. When applied properly, these electrodes pads can provide relief over time. These pads are designed to provide a safe and non-invasive means of relieving lower and middle back pain, migraine headaches, menstrual cramping, muscle spasms, and more.

The skin does not absorb the electrical impulses; they go straight through the body through the clothing and into the muscles, stimulating the nerve endings. The electrical impulses provided by the tens machine work overtime to help the tissues surrounding the area from reducing inflammation and improving the pain. TENS pads are available in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate people of all body types. Some people even get relief from the pain after sleeping for an extended period! This type of machine is very effective in the reduction or elimination of chronic pain.

There are a few different styles of what is often called a TENS machine. One style is the standard Zoe-Tech TENS machine, which comes with a pair of electrodes placed on the skin. The skin is not punctured during the procedure, so there is no danger of infection. The medical-grade TENS machine is typically made up of medical grade electrodes made out of medical stainless steel. These electrodes are then put into a small chamber with water that is electrically charged.

Other styles of the Zoe-Tech TENS machine come with a different theory in place to help with the sensations that you feel when you are in pain. Many of these machines have what is called a “gate control theory”. According to the gate control theory, the machine treats the painful part of the body before the actual painful sensation hits the brain. By having the electrodes in the exact location of the pain spot on your skin, you will feel less pain because the gate control theory believes it addresses the pain signals before they reach the brain. When you are applying the electrodes to yourself, you will find that the machine can provide you with comfort where the pain is not as acute. You can find TENS machines that have a battery backup in case the power goes out, but they are still primarily intended to be used on adults, although they have been approved for use on children as well.

Another aspect of TENS machines is that they do not stimulate an area with pain but rather only hit the spot with electrical signals that will not register as painful for most people. This makes the machine a good choice for providing relief to individuals who experience mild to moderate discomfort from muscle spasms, for example. In addition, because the electrical signals go straight to the brain, you will not feel the tingling or throbbing like you would if you were getting some physical pain from a muscle spasm. The idea behind this is that by directly targeting the area stimulated with the electrical signals, you will not be stimulating areas of the brain that are not involved in the experience of pain. This means that when you are using a Zoe-Tech TENS machine, you are directly addressing the source of the problem, making it an easier and more effective method of pain relief than other methods.