Condition Treated by a Podiatrist

If questioning what a podiatrist Adelaide treats you, you might be feeling confused. You see a chiropractor looks after people’s spinal column, and if you see one on TV, it looks as if they are the saviours of the human body. A chiropractor is just a doctor who specialises in treating the musculoskeletal system; this includes the spine and the joints but does not exclude the diagnosis of a neurological condition.

podiatrist-adelaideA chiropractor can perform several treatments for your aches and pains. In addition to treating your back pain using methods such as massage, traction, ultrasound or electric stimulation, a chiropractor can also prescribe a regime of drugs or physical therapy that will help eliminate the source of the problem. If the spine is not aligned correctly, this could lead to back pain, and there are many causes for this, including misaligned vertebrae, spinal stenosis and herniated discs.

So what does a podiatrist Adelaide treat? Firstly, they will diagnose the problem, which may be a pinched nerve, a slipped disc or misaligned vertebrae. Once diagnosed, they will recommend a treatment plan. For example, they may recommend that you take anti-inflammatory medication to reduce inflammation, helping reduce pain. They might also suggest that you use a manual manipulation device to help straighten your back, which will prevent further injury.

An orthopedist provides a different type of care and treatment to that which a chiropractor would. They can refer back patients to a podiatrist, or they may even carry out the treatments themselves. Orthopedists are well trained in the use of techniques such as x-rays, and they will be able to provide a full range of treatment. They will use different kinds of equipment, such as digital devices and even surgery if necessary.

Another difference between an orthopedist and a chiropractor is that a podiatrist is an expert in their field. This means that they have gained many years of experience working with their hands-on, and what does a podiatrist treat is more in tune with their patients’ conditions and problems than something they learnt in medical school. On the other hand, a chiropractor is likely to be a doctor, and many times, their training has been through school as they became a student of chiropractors.

So, what does a podiatrist Adelaide treat, and how is this different from an orthopedist? The most common condition treated by a podiatrist is what does a chiropractor treat, but they are not limited to this. If your ankle is bothering you with a lot of pain in your joints, what does a podiatrist treat is very similar to what an orthopedist would do. Still, instead, they concentrate on the musculoskeletal structure of the body and help with alignment. Chiropractors tend to treat their patients more for musculoskeletal issues, whereas a podiatrist focuses more on things’ physiological side.