choosing an instructor

When using the services of a professional driving instructor we recommend you follow these few steps and ask a few simple questions so that you receive training at a standard that you expect and  a quality of service that represents value for money.

Rather than just asking “how much do you charge”, try some (or all) of the following….

  • Are you flexible with pick up and drop off locations?
  • What days and hours do you operate?
  • What sort of training car do you have?   Is it auto or manual?
  • Can we use our car?
  • How long is a standard lesson?  Do you provide longer/shorter lessons?
  • How much are your lessons?
  • Do you charge more for after hours or weekends?
  • Do you have any lesson packages at a discounted rate?
  • What is your cancellation policy?

Our industry standard suggests driving instructors should:

  • Have pre-prepared structured lesson plans
  • Allow the student to progress at their rate, whether that be quickly or slowly
  • Allow supervising drivers to sit in the back seat of any lesson
  • Provide feedback to supervising driver at the conclusion of lessons
  • Provide ONE-ON-ONE training
  • Have a current professional indemnity and public liability insurance policy
  • Provide “3-for-1” logbook bonus hours at TIME OF LESSON – this means EXTRA PAPERWORK and student MUST SIGN IT and WRITTEN INTO THE BACK OF THE LOGBOOK
  • Be a member of the NSW Driver Trainers Association

Ask about the above features, not every instructor chooses to comply with these recommendations.

The Driving Instructors Act (which is an act of the NSW Parliament) requires driving instructors:

  • … who provide a training car that it has DUAL CONTROLS and COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE
  • … have a “Working With Children” Certificate

NSW Driver Trainers Association recommends that you….

  • do not base your decision on price alone.
  • feel comfortable with the person providing the training – think how you felt during and after your initial phone call.  
  • do not feel pressured to book a lesson on the spot.
  • take your time and call them back after thinking it through.
  • do not stay with an instructor you are not happy with – do not be afraid to tell them why – they may even appreciate the feedback.
  • report unethical behaviour to us on 02 4228 9939 or by email via our President
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