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To obtain a car licence you must first progress through the Graduated Licencing System. This system has 3 stages: Learners licence, Provisional 1 Licence and Provisional 2 Licence. The licensing system is governed by the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services of NSW)

Learners licence.
Minimum age 16.
Pass a Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)
120 supervised logged hours, including minimum 20 night hours.

There are opportunities to gain up to 40 “bonus” hours to reduce your time behind the wheel to 80 hours.

Firstly, engage a NSW Driver Trainers Assoc. driving instructor who provide “3 for 1” logbook hours for lessons provided.

The first ten hours of lessons may be logged as up to THIRTY HOURS which offers you twenty bonus hours.

The SAFER DRIVER COURSE introduced in July 2013 has two modules: a three hour classroom workshop and a two hour in-car session for which TWENTY HOURS is credited in your logbook. (condition apply).

Various exemptions and special conditions apply to learner licences including

  • over 25?
    • there is no need for a logbook, no need for 120 hours, no need to hold your learners permit for any minimum time.

Link to latest RMS learner licence information.

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