Tips When You’re Out There to Shop for Kids’ Shoes

Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift for a little girl or boy in your life, kids’ shoes can be an essential part of your collection. After all, you have to make sure your toddler, teen or child is safe and happy. When you go out shopping for kids’ shoes, there are several things to keep in mind. To help you find the best shoes for your kids, let’s look at a few tips and pointers:

Kids shoes in SA* Buy kids’ shoes that fit. Target has shoes that are designed for all feet, not just your own. Spend some time measuring your kids’ feet, taking note of the size, width and heel height. Then, go online and compare the measurements to the shoe sizes offered by each of the brands Target carries. If you have trouble finding the sizes available in your area, several websites will let you enter your address and the style number of the shoe you’re looking for to get an approximation.

* When buying a pair of kids’ shoes in SA, remember to choose durable materials that will last long. Toddler footwear tends to wear out quickly. When you choose shoes that will last, you’ll spend less money when they need re-soling or repairs. Your toddlers will thank you when their favourite shoes are still in shape years later!

* Don’t skimp on quality. Even though kids’ shoes are cheap compared to adult shoes, don’t skimp on the quality if your toddler is going to barefoot more often than not in your home, buy a pair that will last. They should fit comfortably, without any gaps or openings. A well-made pair of toddler sandals should be stitched so that they can be returned if they aren’t comfortable or if they’re too tight or loose.

* Pay attention to the toe box of kids’ shoes. The toe box provides plenty of room for your child’s toes. Buy shoes with lots of room. When a child starts to develop his sensory feedback for touching, he’ll be able to tell if the shoe has enough room for him to move his toes. He’ll also be able to tell if there are any spaces between the toes.

* When looking at kids shoes, try to think outside the box. Many parents limit their children’s footwear to being cute, stylish, and “good enough.” It’s incredible what kids can do with creative, well-chosen footwear. Allow your kids to choose a pair of shoes that allows for their creativity and individuality. For example, why not buy a set of kids’ shoes featuring animal prints? If your child loves animals, he’ll feel more like a “grown-up” when he wears an animal print shoe.

* Consider the importance of fitting tips. When you buy kids’ shoes, check out the fit tips included with the footwear. The fit tips will inform you whether the footwear is a good fit. The fit tips will also let you know how much space your child needs to walk and stand with comfort. Take time to examine the fit tips and compare them with your preferences to find the best fit shoes.

* Choose footwear with flexible soles. Flexible soles allow your kids’ feet to have room to wiggle. They’ll also be able to adjust to any movement the moment they put the shoes on. Shoes with flexible soles may cause some discomfort, but it will be a small price to pay for excellent comfort. You can’t expect your little one to fit comfortably in the first pair of kids’ shoes he or she tries on.