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With the success of the introduction of the Safer Driver Course and the increase to learner driver speed limits the NSW Driver Trainerl_plate90s Association will continue to lobby for safer roads through driver education and provide the best access to information and training for our members.

 Last year your support has enabled us to achieve the following:

 Two of the big news items of 2013 for driving instructors and in particular learner drivers were the raising of the learner driver speed limit to 90km/h and the introduction and roll-out of the much anticipated Safer Driver Course. Your committee played a key role in the formation of both these policy items by providing submissions both in writing and through attending various workshops.

 As you may be aware NSW,DTA and PCYC,NSW formed a joint venture to provide the necessary resources to conduct the Safer Driver Course throughout the State. The joint venture means individual driving instructors have the opportunity to become facilitators and coaches for the program. The committee recognises many members had the facilities and resources to become SDC service providers in their own right and offer support where and when required.

To promote our industry, last year we booked a stand at the Cops & Rodders car show and due to the response received we have decided to make this an annual promotions event.


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