An Overview of Mannix Ducted Heating Systems

A Mannix ducted heating system is a lot more efficient than its radiative counterpart and also provides greater temperature control. They are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance. Yet they still provide a comfortable, safe and warm environment for your home.


Ducted systems can be installed in any room or space within your home. Typically, they are installed where the air intake is directly over an electric heater. The heat is pulled from the interior of the home, circulating through the house. There is no need to ventilate as you would with a radiant system. This method is becoming more popular as it is easier to control and does not create a hot mess.


Ducted heating is a little more complicated than a radiant system. The heat is controlled by electric circuit breakers, thermostats and thermostatic switches. These are all essential components of a ducted system.


With a ducted system, you will usually find two sets of ducts. They are called ducts that radiate heat and ducts that receive the heat. They are both considered Mannix ducted heating systems. The distribution of the heat is where most complications arise, and the placement of ducts in a room is usually where you will have problems.


The ducts you install are dependent on the size of the room. The more ducks you invest, the more energy you will save. However, the ducts also dictate the airflow rate in a room.


Ducts that are installed to receive the heat will flow the air in a straight line as opposed to radiating it away from the room. This means that air will pass through the room faster. Therefore, you will be able to circulate the air more efficiently and therefore save money on your heating bill.


In order to achieve the best possible temperature control, the ducts should be laid out in a pattern that is designed for air circulation. Some ducts are designed so that it has the capacity to fill up to a specific amount. The advantage of using this type of duct is that it allows the room to be more thoroughly ventilated.


When choosing a Mannix ducted heating system, consider the size of the room as well as how long the ducts will need to run. Consider the amount of heating time you want to get out of the system and whether or not you need a thermostatic thermostat or one that regulates the temperature. When you know these things, you will be better equipped to make the right decision.