Cordless Impact Wrenches by AEG

The AEG eighteenV high-torque impact wrench is genuinely the only impact wrench you will ever need in your construction, mechanical or light manufacturing worksite. It can perform torque and impact wrench functions with ease and accuracy. The eighteen-volt version features a quick-change design that enables it to be used in applications where an electrical connection is required. It also features a ratchet system for constant power and tension control. A heavy-duty warranty and lifetime technical support are additional added benefits.

The AEG eighteenV high-torque impact wrench comes with various grip sizes including one-half, one-third, and full-inch. It also includes an eight-way socket for fast and precise tightening and loosening of nuts. The socket allows users to rotate the nuts for different grip sizes. The wrench consists of a one-half-inch socket head for standard tighten up and not release. The side cutting tool included in the set allows users to cut down both sides of nuts for greater precision.

aeg-impact-wrenchAn optional six-mode motor with variable torque and speed control is also available as an upgrade for this aeg impact wrench. It has a key accessory that provides an air compression check device. It features smart key technology and includes a built-in air compression check valve. In addition, this electric wrench sports a stainless steel carrying handle and consists of a rubberized carrying case. It is portable and can be used in applications where there is no plug or cord necessary.

This electric fastening wrench features high-performance CNC aluminum alloy steel housing. It is compatible with most hand tools and can be used on standard work surfaces such as wood, aluminum and stainless steel. It is equipped with an automatic anti-static charge system for added convenience and safety. The power cord is long enough to support long hours of operation, while its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry. One of its advantages is that it can handle both standard and metric sizes, unlike other impact drivers which are only suitable for standard work pieces.

One of the most distinctive features of this electric impact wrench is its cordless feature. It can run on single or multiple batteries. The batteries can be recharged through any standard home outlet or even by plugging into an unused battery cord. A single rear mounting cord allows users to use it conveniently even when driving a car.

This AEG offers a variety of benefits. They include the ability to operate on multiple batteries and recharge batteries while the wrenches are in use. These features make them ideal for people who need to work with multiple pieces of equipment for a long time. Cordless impact wrenches are more convenient and safer than corded wrenches because they do not have a long cord, and they can be used while driving a vehicle. Click to find out.